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At Anders Capital Group, we are given the unique opportunity to align ourselves with non-profits and other socially conscious groups who believe that you can turn a profit while also providing a positive outcome for borrowers in distressed situations. Which in turn allows us to do well by doing good.  This approach has proven extremely successful in our relationships with our non-profit partners, where we work side by side with them to raise capital, underwrite acquisitions and develop income-producing businesses to further their mission.

Our executive management team has more that 60+ years collectively within the U.S. real estate markets, including affordable housing, private mortgage finance, public policy, and strategic investments.

Built on the hallmarks of integrity, trust and responsible lending our mission is to do well by doing good while developing lasting relationships with our clients and our partners.




Mr. Carroll is the President of Iterum, LLC - a real estate investment firm created to assist non-profit housing organizations efficiently and profitably navigate the non-profit opportunities offered them through Fannie Mae, HUD/FHA, and CRA programs.  Iterum works side by side with non-profits, raising capital, underwriting acquisitions, and developing income producing business.  

Prior to Iterum, Mr. Carroll served as Executive Vice President and co-founder of BridgeBilt, a San Diego based real estate company.  Mr. Carroll worked with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) to assist non-profit organizations acquire, renovate and sell REO assets.  Through his work, BridgeBilt became the first for-profit strategic partner of the NCST, acquiring and stabilizing 700 single family homes in seven states. 

More recently, Mr. Carroll helped pilot the first “Non-Profit Only” non-performing note transaction through HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Outcome (NSO) program.  The purpose of this pilot was to offer mission minded organizations a means by which they can impact local communities by acquiring and stabilizing non-performing assets.  Since this initial pilot, HUD has offered three additional “Non-Profit Only” pools in IL, FL, and MA.  “Non-Profit Only” pools are now a standard feature in HUD’s NSO offerings.  

Mr. Carroll has spent the last 15 years developing programs that not only impact local communities but are also worthwhile investments for capital.  Carroll believes that a necessary element of any good and meaningful program is its ability to sustain itself.

Mr. Carroll holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Texas A&M University.


Wade Carroll
(281) 788-1009


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Kevin Earnest 

Senior Vice President Business Development

With nearly 30 years of Real Estate industry experience, Mr. Earnest is truly a professional with diverse expertise in all areas of Real Estate investing, construction, and finance.  Mr. Earnest started his finance career in banking and quickly moved into capital markets raising equity and debt for several profitable ventures.  Having raised and deployed hundreds of millions of dollars during his career, Mr. Earnest knows what it takes to complete successful transactions from concept to disposition.  His career in Real Estate has included flipping over 1000 SFRs, lending well over $100MM, rehabbing hotels, timeshare, and multifamily buildings, along with countless SFRs.  

Mr. Earnest is a consultant to both Iterum, LLC and Anders Capital, LLC.  and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from The University of Central Florida and a Masters Degree in Finance and Business from the University of Maine.


Kevin Earnest
Sr. Vice President Business Development
(407) 252-6282


Ronald Rau

Senior Vice President Compliance

Mr. Rau brings over thirty-five years of legal experience from his practice of law in the areas of business, real property sales and development.   Mr. Rau is currently President of Shasta Holiday, Inc., a real estate investment and consulting corporation and has been actively involved in commercial real estate, commercial rental properties and land development for over 30 years and residential single family and multi-family rental properties since 2007.  Mr. Rau is also a founder, the Vice President and a Member of the Board of Managers of Anders Capital Group, LLC. Mr. Rau received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing from San Francisco State University and his Juris Doctor Degree from McGeorge School of Law, University of Pacific, where he was a member of the Traynor Honor Society.   Mr. Rau presently acts as a Consultant to Anders Capital Group, LLC, Second Opportunity of America LLC, Hogar Hispano, Inc. and  Adeline Capital Finance, LLC.


Ronald Rau
Sr. Vice President Compliance
(916) 761-6861

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