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At Anders, we believe the future of real estate lies within a hybrid approach …. one where the real estate agent includes iBuying as an option for their clients.

Significant changes have occurred in the Real Estate industry over the last two decades. Rapid shifts in technology, consumer behavior and societal expectations continue to evolve, making real estate transactions faster, easier - and in many cases - without the assistance and expertise of a local real estate agent.

The introduction of IBuyer or “instant cash offer” platforms give the consumer the option to forego the traditional real estate agent-driven buy/sell model for one that offers minimal hassle and disruption, and a well-defined and known timeline. All in exchange for a bit of hard-earned equity.

While we certainly believe that embracing technology to save money and increase efficiencies is a smarter way to sell, a full-scale departure from a local real estate expert can be a significant, tangible risk for the average homeowner. A local broker provides the homeowner or buyer up close and personal knowledge of each community, an understanding of state and local real estate laws, and wise counsel throughout the entire home buying/selling process.

At Anders, we believe the solution is a hybrid approach …

Introducing Anders Offers

Instead of eliminating or minimizing the real estate professionals involvement in the IBuyer process, Anders Offers was developed to keep the brokerage and agent involved in the instant cash offer, as well as deliver closed sales to all parties involved.

Advantages to the seller

  • No need to make repairs to the home

  • Stress-free transaction with no open houses

  • Receive guidance from local experts in your city, as well as assistance with closing costs and liens

  • Fast, truly turn-key process to sell your home

  • Anders Offers is respectful of your time and privacy

Advantages to the Broker

  • Access to institutional cash to be able to offer a TRUE immediate offer platform

  • Keeps the Broker and REALTOR® involved in the home-selling process

  • Provides more options for the seller, resulting in more listings for the Broker and REALTOR®

  • Keeps the agent-client model at the forefront of your service offerings

  • Another tool to help recruit top talent in your area

How we differ from other platforms

Anders Offers is a division of Anders Capital Group, LLC. Anders is rooted in real estate investing, construction, and lending. As a result, our criteria for purchasing a property is less stringent than other platforms on the market.

  • We are pro-Broker and pro-REALTOR®

  • We do not charge the Seller a commission

  • We buy almost anything!

  • Other iBuyer platforms have very narrow acquisition criteria (such as the below):

o Newer homes

o Homes that sit on a maximum of an acre of land and not in a flood zone

o Homes that don’t have non-permitted additions, significant foundation issues, solar

leases, or polybutylene plumbing

o Homes with clear title, non-distressed, and not leased at time of closing

o Homes that require very minimal rehab

o Homes that are located only within certain cities

Together, with our other divisions, we can provide a steady referral of business to our trusted partners/investor network. Let's get started today.

For more information on Anders Offers, please contact Doug Lynn at: (321) 431-5982 or via email at