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Anders Lending is a division of Anders Capital Group—a company comprised of experienced professionals with a solid background in Real Estate Investing, Lending, Capital Markets, Asset Management, Banking, and Construction. We have flipped over 2000 homes over the past 7 years, as well as built and managed rental portfolios of more than 1000 houses.  

We are a nationwide provider of short-term real estate loans, also known as private or hard money loans.  These loans are commercial loans made to investors who are acquiring non-owner occupied residential properties to “fix and flip” or hold as rentals.

Many variables go into making a decision to lend, but our underwriting approach is unique in that we take a subjective, common-sense approach to assessing each project – which is typically a combination of the borrower’s experience and the project itself.  

We currently offer the following loan options.

If you are a larger, more experienced investor inquiring about loan options, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your projects and source additional assets required for your investment needs.  

For more information or to discuss your Lending Services needs, please contact Martin Wareing at (833) 766-5968 or via email at